Cachazzle - FAQ

What is Cachazzle?


Cachazzle is a brand new alcoholic long drink. The company was founded in 2016 by four former students in the greater Frankfurt area. The product demonstrates a unique taste as it only contains four deliberately chosen natural ingredients and the sweetness of the drink is not too much. Moreover Cachazzle wants to provide maximal transparency for customers. Therefore you can find further information regarding the origin of ingredients in Cachazzle and the company history on our website.


What is Cachaça?


The alcohol in the long drink Cachazzle only results from the so-called Brazilian gold Cachaça. Cachaça is a Brazilian cult drink and liquor which is produced through sugar cane. The absolute alochol in this liquor is 40% and in Cachazzle it gets reduced to 10.04% of alcohol.


Where do the ingredients come from?


As transparency for customers is very important for us as a company you can easily scroll through our product website and get to know where the ingredients are produced, which business background they have etc. The core ingredients of Cachazzle are produced by small family businesses that offer unique tastes and this is exactly what we want to give back to our customers.


Who is allowed to buy Cachazzle?


Due to the fact that Cachazzle is a long drink with approximately 10.04% of alcohol only adults, so with the legal age of 18 in Germany, are allowed to buy and consume Cachazzle. Drink responsibly! For more information regarding responsible drinking please visit


How does donating to charity projects work?


Donating is super easy! Just buy Cachazzle and 3 Cents for each bottle of Cachazzle purchased gets automatically donated. On our charity projects page you can firstly trace back how much was already donated and secondly to what charity projects the money got donated. We keep you updated on our current charity projects and will inform you concerning new projects in the future.


Where to buy Cachazzle?


On our location page you can see which bar or restaurant is exclusively selling Cachazzle at the very moment. Via Facebook and Instagram you will be informed if Cachazzle hosts an event. Stay tuned! Moreover if you live in Germany you can buy Cachazzle in our webshop!


How much alcohol does Cachazzle contain?


Cachazzle contains approximately 10.04% of alcohol. Drink responsibly! More information regarding responsible drinking on


Can I be allergic to Cachazzle?


There are no hidden additives or other ingredients within Cachazzle than presented on the label and on our website. If you are not allergic to limes, cachaça, green tea or stevia you will be fine.


What is stevia?


Stevia is a natural sweetener which has barely any carbohydrates. It is already used in many drinks and meals in order to sweeten the ingredients.


What is a toucan?


Cachazzle chose a toucan as the logo and corporate animal because toucans live in Brazil and the main ingredient, the cachaça, is also from Brazil. Moreover toucans are endangered animals that need to be rescued. Therefore as one of our charity projects we want to preserve the rainforest as the living space for the toucans. More information on our charity project page.


Who stands behind Cachazzle?


Cachazzle was founded by four friends and business alumni in the greater Frankfurt area. If you want to get to know us further, please visit our team page or read the company history.


Where is Cachazzle produced?


Currently a small family business bottler mixes the Cachazzle and fills it into the Cachazzle bottles. The quality of the product is of course of highest interest on both sides.


Are there any other products?


Besides the long drink Cachazzle fan articles and accessories of Cachazzle can be bought in the Merchandise-Shop. If there are any other new products in the future, we will inform you through our social media channels.


Who is responsible for what?


The specific area of responsibility of each team member can be found on our team page.