Cachazzle - your long drink!

Cachazzle is a brand new long drink, which tastes differently and can be either served as a cold or hot beverage! With only four deliberately chosen natural ingredients Cachazzle demonstrates a unique taste. The combination of the liquor cachaça and green tea makes the long drink super refreshing and on top of that lime juice as well as stevia provide further character to the drink and add a pleasant aftertaste. The origin of all ingredients within Cachazzle can be traced back on our website.

The Brazilian sugar cane liquor Cachaça gives Cachazzle the unique taste and 10.04% of alcohol.

Green tea from Taiwan adds the refreshing character to the exotic long drink.


The sourness of the lime juice moreover intensifies the unique taste of Cachazzle and Stevia provides the required sweetness within the carbonated drink.

The taste of pure nature!  - cheers to you!


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