Cachazzle - around the world

The ingredients for your longdrink are imported from various parts of the world to Germany where Cachazzle is produced. Here you will find information regarding our suppliers and how each ingredient is produced.


The heart of Cachazzle is the high-quality Brazilian sugar cane liquor cachaça which is also known as the Brazilian gold. This gold gives the long drink its unique taste, its distinctive color as well as its 10.04% of alcohol.


A small family business in the south of Brazil in the federal state Paranà produces the characterstic Cachazzle cachaça. Since 1700 this region demonstrates a pioneer in the production of Brazilian sugar cane liquor. Due to the sea as well as the rainforest sugar cane can grow in one of cleanest air around the globe. Since ten years the small family business already produces cachaça in THE traditional Brazilian way without adding sugar which other producers do in order to reduce production costs, but therefore generate a lower quality, non-traditional cachaça. All eight employees plus the family of the producer process the sugar cane from the family-gardens in special fermentation rooms. Annually approximately 30,000 liters of cachaça are produced and honoured with the SEBRAE quality seal. The small family business also achieved a silver medal within the Belgian cachaça competition.

Green Tea

Healthy and refreshing! The core features of the second ingredient of Cachazzle. Due to the natural coffein within green tea and so without chemistry Cachazzle is a stimulant.


The green tea is produced by local tea-farms which are situated in New Taipeh San Xia in Taiwan. The production of green tea within this region is very popular due to the fact that optimal air as well as water conditions for the maturation of the green tea exist in that part of the country.


The Cachazzle tea is harvested manually from the tea fields in order to be further processed in each family business. The harvesting, the packaging as well as all other production steps are done manually. The family business for the Cachazzle green tea is already producing green tea since five generations and therefore exactly knows what a perfect green tea has to look and taste like. The green tea is all natural and no additives are used. Inter alia therefore the tea of our supplier was honored in Taiwan. The dried tea is brewed with water in Germany and then filled into the Cachazzle bottle.


The third ingredient of our Cachazzle is also of natural origin. Have you ever heard about stevia? If not, you definitely should because stevia is a natural sweetener and on top of that almost free of calories.


Also a small family business in the first generation from Hannover supplies us with stevioglycosides. This sweetener is compared to sugar almost free of any calories, insulin neutral, vegan as well as tooth-friendly. The employees of the family business just import high-quality and sustainable stevia from idyllic plantations in Spain, France or China. All production steps for the finale product of stevia are undertaken manually. You will find more information concerning stevia in our FAQ.

Lime juice

Green, sour and stimulating! The core features of the last ingredient of Cachazzle.


Like the first ingredient cachaça the lime juice is processed in Brazil. The lime trees are planted on resource-friendly plantations. Our supplier furthermore acknowledges ethical standards and therefore secures employees rights’ within the entire production process of the lime juice. Quality controls are undertaken as well as energy-saving, ISO 50001 certified production facilities are used. The lime juice presents the last ingredient of Cachazzle because Cachazzle is free of any additives or preservatives. That’s how the unique taste of Cachazzle can be achieved – cheers to you!