Cachazzle – Transparency and Sustainability!

Visions are changing our future and that’s exactly what Cachazzle aims to following a broad vision: Cachazzle wants to fundamentally change the food and beverage market. Sounds pretty good, but what exactly to change?


The overall aim of Cachazzle is to maximize transparency for consumers and to minimize chemical additives in food and beverages. Therefore we act as a role model: The product Cachazzle contains only four natural ingredients that can at any time be traced back to their origin through our website. This will create an entirely new understanding concerning consumed goods. We want to encourage all people to start thinking about the topic food and beverages and in the end that everyone knows what he or she is exactly consuming. Away with confusing descriptions! Barely anyone really understands the technical jargon on various lables of food and beverages and therefore does not know the actual processed ingredients. We need a clear definition of goods and their ingredients! Away from harmful chemical additives to a natural diet! We want to achieve this with Cachazzle and in the future strengthen our position with a larger product portfolio.


Next to transparency the second big catchwork of our vision presents sustainability. Returnable glass bottles, stable supplier relationships as well as natural ingredients are first steps in the right direction. Due to the fact that every bottle of Cachazzle requires ingredients taken out of nature, we want to give something back to nature as well as the people that are in close relationship with Cachazzle via charity projects. We therefore aim to preserve and improve the natural circumstances that are elementary for Cachazzle. The current charity projects as well as the amount donated can be traced back here.

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